Dealing with Entrepreneurial Blues

I’ve got a few things to share with you today. A personal update, a few tips on how to get yourself motivated to create your best possible work, and a request for help.

Let’s start!

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. First of all, you don’t make a decision to ‘become’ an entrepreneur. You become one as a result of entrepreneurial activities, and the nature of these activities are, usually, stressful and loaded with many uncertainties.

So it’s quite easy to fall into the blues. You have some personal struggle in your life, but you still have to make sure your project is moving forward, and that you’re getting enough customers who are paying you money. You need to keep the lights on, and that takes tons of creative activities on your side: dealing with customers, new sales, your product roadmap, creating content, managing your administrative tasks, etc., etc. But wow. It’s really hard when personal issues come in the way, and it’s not easy to get back on your feet. But you must – the show must go on. Trust me, I’m going through it right now.

A few weeks back, I posted a podcast episode in which I went over a few personal issues I’ve gone through in the past month, and how I’ve had some roadblocks to creating more content.

That’s my blues.

But the show must go on. Period.Continue Reading

Building a Social Network for Hamsters

building-a-social-network-for-hamstersLast week, I was working with a group of tech entrepreneurs in Miami Beach, and … let’s say I had to breathe deeply.

When I challenged one of them about his assumptions, he says to me “Carlos; no one cares what you think, I’m innovating.”

The unnerving part wasn’t the direct insult to me; I can handle that… but what ticked me off, was that this guy thought that his social network for hamsters was going to succeed because of how innovative he was… That was, until I had to kick him out of my workshop.

But, this is not the first time I have heard this type of nonsense.

This is the typical answer I get when I ask entrepreneurs to explain how they are solving the problem they are setting out to solve; and it hits a nerve.

Their answer: I’m busy innovating, bro. I’m going to disrupt.

Let’s set this straight once and for all.Continue Reading

This is How Networking Saved My Startup

networkingsavedmybusinessUnexpected things happen.

Maybe you lose your largest customer overnight. Yea. Just like that.

I know, it happened to us.

Our largest customer paused our contract. They didn’t hit their sales numbers.

This was just 5 days after our 2nd best customer went out of business.

We were now down $35,000/mo down.

We needed to replace this income within 60 days or else…

We got through it. But how did we do it?Continue Reading

Launching is a Myth

launching-mythA buddy of mine who’s creating a new SaaS product calls me up and says:

“Carlos, if I could just have a solid Launch for my product, then everything will just work.”


Launch Solid means to build something that is ‘solid’ that you can launch. It’s to build something that solves a problem for other people. It’s a product that is so good they can’t wait to buy or use it. Yes, my blog is

I’m not talking about the arbitrary tactic of what people refer to as “launching.” A term defined as: a heavily concerted effort to get the maximum amount of exposure in a specific window of time. In which, you HOPE that the launch will be *the* event that will make or break your product.

Don’t get me wrong. A properly orchestrated launch sequence is absolutely essential. But it doesn’t stop there.called Launch Solid… but…Continue Reading

Kill The Freelancer

kill-the-freelancer-01As I began my business, everything started in a weird way…

We created a product first, and a consultancy second. Our first endeavor helping a startup with their software was via a Webbynode customer, whose developer had disappeared.

We were in the consultancy world making apps for startups completely out of the blue.

It sounds cool and all – but there were a ton of implications I wasn’t aware of. I wish someone had told me exactly what I’m about to tell you, before jumping full-force into this world.

One of our earliest mistakes was calling ourselves, ‘freelancers’. We learned how much it cost us, and today I want to share this with you, and what we did about it.

Before I get into our story, lets go over what our expectations of being in business should be.Continue Reading

The Number One Step to Launch a Multi Million Dollar Company

7digit-company-launchIf you’ve ever worked with nasty clients, and thought “Oh well, it pays the bills” you must read on this article.

This is a critical mistake we all make when starting out and creating services or products for our customers. This is a fatal mistake that cripples our chances from day one.

The bottom line is. The first, and MOST IMPORTANT STEP in building your product’s foundation is to choose who you want to do business with.

These are the people who motivate you to do your best work.

Being this selective is what made us go from $0 to making over $500,000 in my first year of consulting, and has turned Webbynode into a multiple 7 figure a year business.

We only work with customers whom we want to work with.

This simple principle is at the core foundation of our business.

Think of cooking, in order make the *right* type of cake you need to have the *right* ingredients, simple as that.Continue Reading

Are you a Loser?

Practically every day, I get an email or a note from someone like you. They’re getting started or having daily struggles with their projects. People telling me, “I have this idea, but I don’t know what to do. I want it to be huge and have a lot of success, make a ton of money and even ‘disrupt’ an industry – but I just don’t know which of my ideas work, or just how to get started because I can’t do X, or I can’t do Y or Z.

This is obviously the way to failing.

What is it that you want to do? What are your goals? What is it that you’re good at? You see people in startups, raising money from VCs or putting in all their savings into a project, and you think to yourself, “that must be the way to become successful.”Continue Reading

Engineering a $600k Product Re-Launch

saving-a-dying-startupFear, Anxiety, Desperation.

You’ve spent months working on your startup, burnt up all your savings. You’re at your last month’s runway. You have 30 days to make it.

A good friend of mine (who’s name I can’t mention) came to me this week with this exact problem.

His recently launched product is not doing as he expected. He and his partner have spent months and months creating the actual product (which let me tell you is of the highest quality) and he has invested all his funds into it. So now he has 30 days to change things around, or else – he will have to do what all entrepreneurs fear most – shut it down.

Here’s the thing though. This guy has been around the block many times. He has written four books on possibly the hottest development framework today, when he does consulting (which he despises) he charges upwards of $400 per hour, and when asked to do training, for some of the world’s largest tech companies, including people like Apple, GE, Dell and others he charges in the $10k-$15k range per DAY.

But the case remains. His product is fizzling out, and he has got to do something about it. Quick.
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The Importance of an Abundance Mentality

abundance-vs-scarcityFor some time now I have been hearing about this whole notion of abundance vs. scarcity. Scarcity is a state of mind that tells you that there is a lack in life, that opportunities are few and don’t come too often. This of course is great for marketers who use scarcity to get you to buy, like the limited time offers you see at Macys.

But, the scarcity mentality can create a permanent state of unnecessary fear, anxiety, stress and desperation.

On the other hand, an abundance mentality tells you that there are always new chances and opportunities that will be available to you.

And let me tell you, I have had the single most amazing experience in my life by starting to apply and adhering to an abundance belief even though it wasn’t part of my life as I was growing up.Continue Reading

The Number One Entrepreneurship Mistake That Is Holding You Back

this-is-what-is-holding-you-backI recently had the pleasure of interviewing James Clear for the Launch Solid Podcast about some of our entrepreneurship mistakes. Right after we were getting close to wrapping up the call, I asked him for some advice about some of my projects. He said, “Carlos, just remember Rome wasn’t build in a day.”

This applies directly to a lot of entrepreneurs I speak to. Many of us have had struggles reaching our goals, and it’s not because we’re not capable. It’s because the real problem starts with the fact that we are aiming for the wrong thing.

It’s possible that you’ve been waiting to get started. You don’t know what to do, don’t know where you’re heading or what your goals are. But the one thing you know is that you want to be successful.
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