How an ex-pat living in Japan built a multi million dollar consultancy and product company with Keith Perhac

keithperhacKeith Perhac, CEO of Delfi-Net and Co-Founder of Summit Evergreen joins us to share his experience as he started his own consultancy all and his new product Summit Evergreen all the way from Japan! Keith is a dear friend and someone I deeply admire, he’s been instrumental to many projects we’ve worked on together, hope you enjoy it!Continue Reading

Building a Multi Million Dollar Podcast with John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas, CEO and Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire, talks with us about his journey to running a multi million dollar podcast, and online company. Such a wonderful and impressive story. We discuss a ton of things, from the motivation to create products, to actually monetizing your podcast.
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Steven Bristol from Less Accounting: Life, Consulting and Products

stevenbistrol1Steven Bristol, CEO and Co-Founder of Less Accounting, talks with us about living life as an entrepreneur, building tech products and and some more. We learned a ton about consulting, how a consultancy works, how they’ve found a great niche within the accounting industry, and how he’s made a success of it.

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Interaction Design and Productized Consulting with Nick Disabato

nickdisabato1Nick Disabato, Interaction Designer at and Author of Cadence & Slang joins me to talk about his journey to running a successful productized consulting practice. Its very interesting. Essentially, his techniques allow him to run a stress free consulting, with less famine and more feast, less worry and better quality of life. I learned a ton from Nick, check out this great episode.Continue Reading

Building a Thriving Business with Caleb Wojcik from DYI Video Guy

calebwojcikCaleb Wojcik, from DYI Video Guy, and Co-Founder of joins me at the Launch Solid podcasts and we talk about many interesting subjects around education, content creation and entrepreneurship. We discuss his journey, and also the process in which new entrepreneurs become content creators.Continue Reading

Building a Million Dollar Passive Income Business with Pat Flynn

patflynnPat Flynn, Founder of the Smart Passive Income Blog, and the Podcast Ask Pat, as well as his newly launched Smart Podcast Player joins me to share his journey from being an architect who was let go when the economy downturn 5-6 years ago, and how from his lowest point, he built a multi million dollar online empire that encompasses many of his products and services. Pat is one of my main motivators and people I admire in the online world, so this episode is incredibly important to me. Thanks Pat!Continue Reading

Dealing with Entrepreneurial Blues

I’ve got a few things to share with you today. A personal update, a few tips on how to get yourself motivated to create your best possible work, and a request for help.

Let’s start!

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. First of all, you don’t make a decision to ‘become’ an entrepreneur. You become one as a result of entrepreneurial activities, and the nature of these activities are, usually, stressful and loaded with many uncertainties.

So it’s quite easy to fall into the blues. You have some personal struggle in your life, but you still have to make sure your project is moving forward, and that you’re getting enough customers who are paying you money. You need to keep the lights on, and that takes tons of creative activities on your side: dealing with customers, new sales, your product roadmap, creating content, managing your administrative tasks, etc., etc. But wow. It’s really hard when personal issues come in the way, and it’s not easy to get back on your feet. But you must – the show must go on. Trust me, I’m going through it right now.

A few weeks back, I posted a podcast episode in which I went over a few personal issues I’ve gone through in the past month, and how I’ve had some roadblocks to creating more content.

That’s my blues.

But the show must go on. Period.Continue Reading

Building a Social Network for Hamsters

building-a-social-network-for-hamstersLast week, I was working with a group of tech entrepreneurs in Miami Beach, and … let’s say I had to breathe deeply.

When I challenged one of them about his assumptions, he says to me “Carlos; no one cares what you think, I’m innovating.”

The unnerving part wasn’t the direct insult to me; I can handle that… but what ticked me off, was that this guy thought that his social network for hamsters was going to succeed because of how innovative he was… That was, until I had to kick him out of my workshop.

But, this is not the first time I have heard this type of nonsense.

This is the typical answer I get when I ask entrepreneurs to explain how they are solving the problem they are setting out to solve; and it hits a nerve.

Their answer: I’m busy innovating, bro. I’m going to disrupt.

Let’s set this straight once and for all.Continue Reading

This is How Networking Saved My Startup

networkingsavedmybusinessUnexpected things happen.

Maybe you lose your largest customer overnight. Yea. Just like that.

I know, it happened to us.

Our largest customer paused our contract. They didn’t hit their sales numbers.

This was just 5 days after our 2nd best customer went out of business.

We were now down $35,000/mo down.

We needed to replace this income within 60 days or else…

We got through it. But how did we do it?Continue Reading

Launching is a Myth

launching-mythA buddy of mine who’s creating a new SaaS product calls me up and says:

“Carlos, if I could just have a solid Launch for my product, then everything will just work.”


Launch Solid means to build something that is ‘solid’ that you can launch. It’s to build something that solves a problem for other people. It’s a product that is so good they can’t wait to buy or use it. Yes, my blog is

I’m not talking about the arbitrary tactic of what people refer to as “launching.” A term defined as: a heavily concerted effort to get the maximum amount of exposure in a specific window of time. In which, you HOPE that the launch will be *the* event that will make or break your product.

Don’t get me wrong. A properly orchestrated launch sequence is absolutely essential. But it doesn’t stop there.called Launch Solid… but…Continue Reading