Your Customers Are More Important Than Your Product

Let’s get started

In the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new marketing strategy and execution plan for Gistia Labs.

I have been exploring everything from what we do as a company, all the way out to how we present ourselves, and questioning it all.

For example, every time someone asks me what we do, I say, “Gistia is a software consultancy,” and they nod and stare. Next thing I know we’re talking about the weather. Nice.

Just thinking of this, has made me question it all. How does the way I describe my business, affects us? My growth, of course, depends on sales – and sales depends on convincing clients to buy from us.

To convince them though, I need to be thinking about what they want. Right? So, what are our clients’ motivations? Why do they hire us? What do they want out of this?

Why am I describing what we do in relation to our self-image and not our customers?

I’m not talking about a sales or elevator pitch. It’s about truly aligning yourself to what your customer wants, not what you want.

It all starts with knowing your customer. Let’s dig in.Continue Reading

Finding out what people really want

We constantly hear of different methods of building products. Everyone is trying to figure out how to make a product that people actually want. In the end, you can try to market and push your product as much as you want, but unless you understand people’s motivations, there’s nothing you can do.

Lets explore some different ideas to identify your target audience’s problems first, and create a product second.

Locking down your daily routine

lockingdownyourdailyroutineFor the past few weeks I have been working on finding a way to make myself more efficient. I’ve been trying to juggle different areas of my businesses, wearing multiple hats. Anything from different marketing activities, such as blogging, running events, networking, making videos, writing educational material, all the way on to closing client projects.

It’s a lot of work.

So, I’m giving an idea a try. Check out today’s episode to find out.

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