Launching is a Myth

A buddy of mine who’s creating a new SaaS product calls me up and says:

“Carlos, if I could just have a solid Launch for my product, then everything will just work.”


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Kill The Freelancer


As I began my business, everything started in a weird way…

We created a product first, and a consultancy second. Our first endeavor helping a startup with their software was via a Webbynode customer, whose developer had disappeared.

We were in the consultancy world making apps for startups completely out of the blue.

It sounds cool and all – but there were a ton of implications I wasn’t aware of. I wish someone had told me exactly what I’m about to tell you, before jumping full-force into this world.

One of our earliest mistakes was calling ourselves, ‘freelancers’. We learned how much it cost us, and today I want to share this with you, and what we did about it.Continue Reading

The Number One Step to Launch a Multi Million Dollar Company


If you’ve ever worked with nasty clients, and thought “Oh well, it pays the bills” you must read on this article.

This is a critical mistake we all make when starting out and creating services or products for our customers. This is a fatal mistake that cripples our chances from day one.Continue Reading

Are you a Loser?


Practically every day, I get an email or a note from someone like you. They’re getting started or having daily struggles with their projects. People telling me, “I have this idea, but I don’t know what to do. I want it to be huge and have a lot of success, make a ton of money and even ‘disrupt’ an industry – but I just don’t know which of my ideas work, or just how to get started because I can’t do X, or I can’t do Y or Z.Continue Reading

Re-positioning a Dying Startup for a $600k Product Launch

Fear, Anxiety, Desperation.

You’ve spent months working on your startup, burnt up all your savings. You’re at your last month’s runway. You have 30 days to make it.

A good friend of mine (who’s name I can’t mention) came to me this week with this exact problem.

His recently launched product is not doing as he expected. He and his partner have spent months and months creating the actual product (which let me tell you is of the highest quality) and he has invested all his funds into it. So now he has 30 days to change things around, or else – he will have to do what all entrepreneurs fear most – shut it down.Continue Reading

The Importance of an Abundance Mentality

abundance mentality

For some time now I have been hearing about this whole notion of abundance vs. scarcity. Scarcity is a state of mind that tells you that there is a lack in life, that opportunities are few and don’t come too often. This of course is great for marketers who use scarcity to get you to buy, like the limited time offers you see at Macys.

But, the scarcity mentality can create a permanent state of unnecessary fear, anxiety, stress and desperation.

On the other hand, an abundance mentality tells you that there are always new chances and opportunities that will be available to you.

And let me tell you, I have had the single most amazing experience in my life by starting to apply and adhering to an abundance belief even though it wasn’t part of my life as I was growing up.Continue Reading

The Number One Entrepreneurship Mistake That Is Holding You Back

The Number One  Entrepreneurship Mistakes Mistake Holding You Back

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing James Clear for the Launch Solid Podcast about some of our entrepreneurship mistakes. Right after we were getting close to wrapping up the call, I asked him for some advice about some of my projects. He said, “Carlos, just remember Rome wasn’t build in a day.”

This applies directly to a lot of entrepreneurs I speak to. Many of us have had struggles reaching our goals, and it’s not because we’re not capable. It’s because the real problem starts with the fact that we are aiming for the wrong thing.

It’s possible that you’ve been waiting to get started. You don’t know what to do, don’t know where you’re heading or what your goals are. But the one thing you know is that you want to be successful.
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This is Exactly How I Killed My Startup

01 - This is exactly how I killed my startup
Everyone I talk to these days has a similar story in how they got started in technology. My case is not very different. At the age of 4, instead of playing with toys for kids, I played with a computer that was bigger than I was. I truly had an accelerated path towards finding my calling in life.

By the time I had turned 15, I was fully certified as an MCSE, CCNA, and held a number of certifications (that I’m extremely grateful for).

But it wasn’t until the early 2000′s, when I was working as an IT Manager, that I started my first real business.

Fast forward to 2010, two years after having started Webbynode, having worked for multiple fortune 500 companies, having built up companies well in the 7 figures. My business partner and I, supposedly seasoned hi-tech entrepreneurs – decided to tackle a new challenge. It was supposed to be as big as Github. We called it StackFu.

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Why Should You Be Doing Things That Don’t Scale?

Why should you be doing things that don't scale

Paul Graham posted an article last year, in which he explained the process of doing things that don’t scale. This is part of the advice they give the startups at YCombinator, but this advice often gets over-looked.

This is unfortunate, because it’s probably the number one way to de-risk any venture. I’m talking about any type of risk; risking your time is as valuable (or even more expensive) than risking your money. The goal is not to ‘never take risks’, but to take on educated risks.Continue Reading

Are We There Yet?

I knew it was a silly idea at first. I set on to leave the corporate world with its well paying, easy hours as an IT Director to start chasing a dream. It was a silly idea indeed.

The first part of this silly idea took me through a journey in which I first dabbled with the “cloud” world, it was a very different cloud of what it has turned into today. Actually, it was just called hosting, great times! But well, this is a space that has changed dramatically over the years, and I’ve also changed with it.Continue Reading